One Spark Welcomes GuideWell Innovation as HealthSpark* Zone Sponsor


One Spark Welcomes GuideWell Innovation as HealthSpark* Zone Sponsor 

GuideWell Innovation becomes the HeathSpark* sponsor for 2017 event

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 25, 2017 – One Spark, Inc. is pleased to announce GuideWell Innovation as the sponsor for the HealthSpark* Zone at the upcoming One Spark 2017 event in October. The HealthSpark* Zone, dedicated to health and wellness, will be one of up to five zones for Creators to showcase their innovations, receive real market validation, promote individual crowdfunding platforms and compete for cash prizes. In addition to HealthSpark*, other Spark Zones include EdSpark*, TechSpark*, SocialSpark* and possibly a section for ideas that fall outside of these targeted areas.

“GuideWell Innovation is leading broad-scale change to transform the health system into a more integral and useful part of people’s everyday lives,” said Renee Finley, head of GuideWell Innovation. “Working with One Spark 2017 supports our mission of collaboration to fast-track the delivery of next-generation health solutions. The event’s innovative spirit stimulates change for better outcomes and inspires the future generation of health care leaders.”

As a Spark Zone sponsor, GuideWell Innovation will play a key role in the HealthSpark* activities, including HealthSpark* Zone Creator selection and judging for the HealthSpark* Zone Spark Tank competition. A qualified winner of the HealthSpark* Zone also will receive a spot in the weeklong Health+Accel program at the GuideWell Innovation CoRE in Lake Nona Medical City in Orlando. Health+Accel is an intense four-day workshop for entrepreneurs with solutions for aging well that offers insights on working with large insurers and providers, actionable coaching by seasoned health entrepreneurs and connections to leaders of major health care companies. The week concludes with a pitch competition with a $20,000 cash prize.

“Aging well is the idea that healthy living and increased longevity can be achieved without sacrifing indepence and autonomy,” explained Finley. “We are eager to work with One Spark 2017 to find new, innovative health solutions that empower individuals to take control of their health on a personal level.”

“We are thrilled to welcome GuideWell Innovation as the first sponsor of One Spark 2017,” said One Spark Ventures President Chris Carter. “Guidewell Innovation’s Health+Accel initiative, and its search for innovative solutions for aging well in digital health, caregiver support, intelligent homes, social engagement, spirituality and mindfulness, and individual health management, is a perfect fit and offers broad categories for applicants to the HealthSpark* Zone of One Spark.  This will be a great opportunity for creators in this zone to engage with one of the most innovative health care organizations not just in Florida, but in the United States.”

One Spark 2017 will take place Friday, Oct. 6 and Saturday, Oct. 7 at EverBank Field, with a kick-off concert hosted by Bold Events, LLC at the new Daily’s Place amphitheater on Thursday, Oct. 5. The two-day festival will feature up to 150 Creators, and those wishing to participate can visit to apply. For attendees of the Innovation Festival, advance registration online will cost $5 per ticket. Same-day registration and ticket purchases, online or at EverBank Field, will cost $10 per ticket. Children 10 and under may enter the festival free of charge.

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About One Spark, Inc.

One Spark is a nonprofit committed to fostering environments of creativity and innovation through crowdfunding. The company does this by connecting artists, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world with the human and capital resources they need to move their ideas forward at in-person crowdfunding festivals. The One Spark festival is one of the most efficient ways for individuals, teams and large companies to receive market validation. One Spark 2017 takes place Oct. 6 – 7 at EverBank Field in Downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

About GuideWell Innovation, LLC

GuideWell Innovation, a subsidiary of GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation, drives collaborative innovation for the family of forward-thinking companies that make up GuideWell. Headquartered in Orlando, Fla.’s Lake Nona Medical City at the GuideWell Innovation CoRE (Collaborative Resources Ecosystem), GuideWell Innovation focuses on transforming the health system into a more integral and useful part of people’s everyday lives by fast-tracking the delivery of next-generation health solutions. For more information, visit