The Importance of Good Nutrition in Healthcare


We can provide patients the most advanced medicine. We can ensure they have access to the right prescriptions. But if our patients and neighbors can’t access healthy foods, we will continue to see the impacts of poor nutrition — heart disease, diabetes and obesity to name a few.

With one in six Central Floridians struggling with the reality of hunger and food insecurity, at AdventHealth we see it as our responsibility to address these issues with resources and education. We believe in treating not only the illness, but also addressing lifestyle habits and environmental factors that impact patients’ health. The vision is to nourish the body, mind and spirit by empowering personal choices for accessing, preparing and eating wholesome meals that improve health and restore well-being.

In Central Florida alone, AdventHealth has provided more than $382,000 in funding to local nonprofits that have a shared goal of curbing food insecurity.

Through our Second Helpings program, we have served over 63,000 meals in less than two years using unused food from our campus cafeterias in an effort to combat food insecurity.

And the Center for Nutritional Excellence at AdventHealth Orlando will soon be expanding culinary medicine offerings. The program will offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach for people seeking improved health outcomes or those suffering from food insecurities, or acute or chronic health conditions.

With a focus on whole-person health, we turn to our CREATION Health principles of Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook and Nutrition. From a population health perspective, we have a choice to rest, be active and maintain well-balanced nutrition, but our environment, interpersonal relationships, outlook and trust can have a significant impact on those choices. By improving the health of the community where we live, the goal is to have a positive impact on the environment in which we all live.

Determinants of Health: Genetic - 10%, Physical Environment - 10%, Clinical Care - 10%, Health Behaviors - 30%, Social and Economic Factors - 40%

Since 1908, AdventHealth’s commitment to providing unsurpassed health and wellness services has expanded to meet the increasing needs of our ever-growing population. As AdventHealth has adapted with the changing times, AdventHealth’s mission has remained a constant — to extend the healing ministry of Christ.

Our community partners make it possible to provide resources to those in dire need. Thank you to GuideWell for hosting the Block by Block event and to the participating organizations who are making an impact on building food secure communities across the state of Florida.

This sponsored content was provided by AdventHealth, title sponsor of the GuideWell Block by Block Food Insecurity Challenge and Wellbeing Challenge.

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