Current Tenants

Access DX

Access DX is committed to assisting companies launching novel tests/services into the healthcare space by providing access to decision makers at the commercial and governmental payers. Our belief is that you have spent time on your product/service allow us to give you access to the people who will determine whether or not they want to cover/reimburse for it. Our focus is on laboratory testing for genetic/genomic/molecular testing.

AideCare at Home

AideCare at Home is an affordable solution for the elderly throughout the community, who prefer to stay at home where their quality of life is enhanced without the stress and hardships of interrupted routines and changes in daily habits. Our part-time, full-time, and around the clock service alternatives are designed for people who choose to live independently but require non-medical services for activities of daily living (ADLs). These services may include companionship, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, transportation and help with errands and shopping.


Alrantech is a a company specialized in equipment and disposable for endourological surgeries, with special emphasis in the connection of American and German manufacturers and the introduction of its products in the Brazilian market.

Amazing Explorers

Amazing Explorers fosters a nurturing environment where little minds open up to develop lifelong learning skill designed to inspired, connect and engage the great minds of the 21st Century.

ARC Surgicals

Arc Surgicals has developed a patented frame based targeting system that has received FDA Clearance for neurosurgery. Applications include brain biopsies and resections as well as neurotrauma procedures in trauma centers and in combat hospitals. The device can equip even an ICU nurse or a general trauma surgeon to do a neurosurgical procedure with remote guidance from a neurosurgeon.

Asha Planning Consultancy

Asha Planning Consultancy is a State of Florida and FDOT certified minority and woman owned small business providing transportation and land use planning services to local, regional and state agencies. We specialize in providing coordinated land use and transportation strategies to clients that are interested in developing sustainable communities. We assist the Florida Department of Transportation, transit agencies and local governments with facilitation of regional transit, bicycle, and pedestrian projects.


Azzly is a healthcare software as a service company, that has built from the ground up, an all in one electronic health record and revenue cycle management platform to serve the specific needs of the 15,000 plus addiction treatment centers and behavioral healthcare clinics throughout the United States. The software is used by healthcare professionals and all authorized staff in: Inpatient Detox, Partial Hospitalization Programs, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Residential Recovery Programs as well at Medication Assisted Treatment Programs.


Bilanx Capital is an investments and advisory firm


Business Networking International is the largest networking organization in the world! BNI is a referral generating group. We pass referrals among its members and help each other’s business' grow. It's pretty amazing! It's only 1 person per profession. That way if someone needs your services you are the only one in the group, and you are not competing against another lender, or Real Estate agent, or whatever your profession is.

Davis Wince, Ltd. 

Davis Wince, Ltd. has been creating places of well-being to enrich people’s lives for nearly 25 years. The guiding passion of all of our work is to enhance the built environment to improve lives. Healthy Urbanism™ is the integration of intentionally designed elements that helps communities thrive and prosper. The result of a wellness-centered community design is improved physical health, accessibility to medical care, healthy food, activity, and social interaction. We develop the healthy outcomes of communities by working with partners engaged in designing a better way to live.


DriCloud is the most innovative Cloud based EHR (Electronic Health Record) and MPM software (Medical Practice Management) that has turned out to be a game-changer for the Healthcare Industry. The dedicated electronic medical record software has been programmed by the most knowledgeable and experienced software developers to help healthcare providers manage their clinics in the most efficient manners while minimizing the operational costs. DriCloud allows the doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers to check out the medical history of the patients from anywhere on the planet using a PC or any mobile device. DriCloud allows doctors to provide the best treatments to their patients that ultimately lead in improving the reputation of the clinic and healthcare professionals can easily capitalize further.

eMindful Life

eMindful Life helps individuals and teams become more resilient through live online classes that support greater wellness. We've already shown tens of thousands of participants around the world practical skills that lead to a healthier, more productive and purposeful life. Member since August 2017. CEO Diana LaTour is also associated with LFE Capital - creates value through funding growth. Utilizing our capital, expertise and resources, we help companies scale faster and build enterprise value. LFE Capital has a 15-year history of providing growth capital to health and wellness businesses. Our portfolio reflects our unique industry, size and female focus. Our experienced team applies their skills in strategy, finance, operations and governance to grow successful businesses.

Gillman Advertising Specialties

Gillman Advertising Specialties works with you to develop successful branding and marketing solutions that truly represent your Organization. We are all about cultivating and maintain long standing relationships by working together to accomplish your marketing goals. With over thirty years of experience in this field, consider me part of your team when brain storming new ideas.

Healthcare IT Inc.

Healthcare IT Inc. is a Technology Solutions provider specializing in Application Development with deep experience in TeleHealth and Pharmacy Systems. Projects include: Drug Therapy Management Systems, Prior Authorization Systems, Specialty Pharmacy Systems, Pharmacy Claims Processing Systems, and Clinical Data Warehouses.

The Hydrafacial Company

The HydraFacial Company is an FDA registered manufacturer of advanced aesthetic technologies and products that deliver high return on investment (ROI) opportunities. We provide ongoing, comprehensive marketing support to help increase customer's profitability. Our premier system is the HydraFacial® serum-based hydradermabrasion system, ranked one level above IPL for skin rejuvenation. The HydraFacial uses the patented HydroPeel® tips to resurface the skin while simultaneously infusing skin enhancing serums, including antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, peptide complex, and acid peels.


Ingage is a software development and consulting firm delivering custom solutions and fresh ideas for growing businesses. From websites and design, to strategy and systems — we’re here to serve with over 10 years of marketing and development experience.

Inspired Performance Institute (TIPP)

Inspired Performance Institute (TIPP) was developed for people to increase their performance by keeping their mind present and focused. Keeping your mind “present” is the key to reaching your “Peak Performance”. Events and experiences throughout your life are interfering with your mind’s ability to stay in the moment. Everyone’s mind will develop some error messages, glitches, and our TIPP program clears the error messages and then gently walks away old behaviors through a series of audio sessions. It’s that simple. Our mind is complicated and needs to be updated, rebooted and adjusted, just like a computer.

Intelligent Health Association (IHA)

Intelligent Health Association (IHA) is a global, vendor neutral and technology agnostic educational organization that is technology based and technology centric. The IHA is comprised of numerous new technology communities, consortia, and societies all operating under one organizational structure with a common goal: to help drive the “Evolution to the Digital Healthcare Revolution™”.


Invel was founded in 1999 and conducts business in Brazil, France, Japan and Indonesia. Invel uses far-infrared technology in their clothing and accessories to help support an increase in blood circulation which helps promote the recovery/healing process. Currently headquartered in Brazil, the company is announcing in an event scheduled for the Innovation Theater on February 18, 2019 that the HQ will be moving to the United States, specifically Lake Nona Town Center.


Kavana, as part of their Agriculture business brand called Bazelet Americas. Bazelet is involved around the commercialization of industrial, medicinal and consumer opportunities of the plant species Cannabis Sativa, and it has four business units. Bazelet Industries, an industrial hemp processing and finished products manufacturing unit; Bazelet Advisory, a full-service economic development unit to support and educate the company’s private and public sector stakeholders; Bazelet Innovation, an academic-led research and product development unit; and Bazelet Health, a physician-led, patient-centered healthcare, wellness and holistic life unit.

Kirenaga Partners

Kirenaga Partners is a unique early-stage venture capital firm founded on the simple belief that creating the highest value for all stakeholders comes from the building of great businesses, not from the trading of mis-priced assets.  Focused on investing in early stage technology companies that have validated their technology models but have yet to achieve meaningful commercialization results.

Lake Nona Regional Chamber

Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce is a welcoming, dynamic, close-knit chamber with unique, valuable networking opportunities with like-minded professionals and business owners in the Lake Nona area. We are committed to promoting the core values of community, diversity, wellness and innovation while our quality programming at monthly events offer educational resources to promote a healthy work culture and business support. Our mission is to serve the Lake Nona Region by promoting commerce and providing resources for the benefit of our members and the community.

Legal Solutions, FL

Legal Solutions, FL is dedicated to the development of entrepreneurs and international businesses. Corporate Attorneys, Immigration Attorneys, Trademarks Attorneys, Public Notary and Signing Agents. 


Medullan is a leading digital health firm that designs and builds outcomes-driven solutions that have direct and measurable impact in the healthcare industry. Fueled by a passion for health, a desire to positively challenge the healthcare paradigm, and a culture of accountability – Medullan works with payer, life sciences and pharmaceutical clients to build solutions that create measurable business value and positive impact in the lives of their customers. Medullan was founded in 2005 and is based in Cambridge, MA with an office in Orlando, Florida.


MedVision is an innovative, fast-growing company, specializing in development and production of high-end medical simulators. The company was established in 2014 by K.K. DNAFORM and EIDOS-Medicine LLC and has its own unique solutions, IP, know-how and production. Professionals - from design to service.

Mentor Happy

Mentor Happy is an industry leading career development platform. We provide our clients 24/7 access to group mentoring and coaching through videos, recorded and live webinars and downloadable learning guides and how to’s. We also offer one on one resume writing services and one on one career coaching services. We are launching a new website and service platform in June 2018.

Merging Traffic

​​Merging Traffic is a web-based crowdsourcing portal for capitalization; and an investment pool that primarily intends to target earlier stage companies. The Company combines the due diligence of traditional investing methods with the flexibility of an online crowdfunding platform to execute targeted fund raising and diversified fund investments.

Nonahood News

Nonahood News is a hyperlocal newspaper focused on the Lake Nona area. The parent company,, provides video production, photography, and creative services.

Quantum CPA'S, PA 

Quantum CPA'S, PAis a full service, bilingual public accounting firm in the Orlando area offering accounting and assurance services, business and personal financial consulting services, tax compliance and case resolution services, and forensic and fraud examinations for SME's from startups to fully operational entities and individuals. 

TA Digital 

TA Digital is a leading global full-service digital agency that provides solutions for our clients for their digital strategy, CMS & CRM implementation needs, digital marketing and campaign services, and QA & testing.  Our company has been in business for almost 20 years and work with the leading fortune 500 companies across all industries.

Traction in Florida

Traction in Florida can be summarized in three words; Real. Simple. Results. Chris White, Certified EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer, provides a set of timeless business principles and real-world tools that help Entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. By mastering this simple “way of operating,” leadership teams of growth-oriented companies achieve more revenue, growth, and profit, while delivering a better balance of life to company owners and leaders.


VALiNTRY is a Salesforce® Registered Consulting Partner that provides Salesforce staffing and consulting to our clients.

Validity Diagnostics

Validity Diagnostics,(VDx), founded in 2015, is a research-based medical device manufacturing company. VDx has developed break-through technologies addressing the use of adulterated urine samples by patients suffering from substance use disorders and its impact on the opioid crisis. VDx is currently expanding its manufacturing processes to meet the demands of medical laboratories. VDx is working with strategic health-care partners in State and Federal government agencies including the FDA, SAMHSA, the military, health insurers, and software developers to dramatically improve patient treatment outcomes. VDx has many patent applications for its new automated diagnostic tests and is expanding its research to meet the need for more innovation in other health care areas.

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