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Access DX

Access DX is committed to assisting companies launching novel tests/services into the healthcare space by providing access to decision makers at the commercial and governmental payers. Our belief is that you have spent time on your product/service allow us to give you access to the people who will determine whether or not they want to cover/reimburse for it. Our focus is on laboratory testing for genetic/genomic/molecular testing.



Bilanx Capital is an investments and advisory firm

Cyber Security
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ELMED Systems

ELMED Systems is a supplier of Medical Equipment and Supplies, including Medical Waste Technology and Modular Hospital Solutions working with Manufactures from USA and Overseas. 


Inspired Performance Institute (TIPP)

Inspired Performance Institute (TIPP) was developed for people to increase their performance by keeping their mind present and focused. Keeping your mind “present” is the key to reaching your “Peak Performance”. Events and experiences throughout your life are interfering with your mind’s ability to stay in the moment. Everyone’s mind will develop some error messages, glitches, and our TIPP program clears the error messages and then gently walks away old behaviors through a series of audio sessions. It’s that simple. Our mind is complicated and needs to be updated, rebooted and adjusted, just like a computer.

GWI Tenants

Laconic Digital 

Laconic Digital is a creative agency focused on Social Media Management and Visual Content Development. Our primary focus is to create engagement across your digital marketing channels to increase brand loyalty and sales. We provide you with insight and strategies that are being used by some of the top global brands so that you can stay competitive in the digital marketplace.

Lake Nona Regional Chamber

Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce is a welcoming, dynamic, close-knit chamber with unique, valuable networking opportunities with like-minded professionals and business owners in the Lake Nona area. We are committed to promoting the core values of community, diversity, wellness and innovation while our quality programming at monthly events offer educational resources to promote a healthy work culture and business support. Our mission is to serve the Lake Nona Region by promoting commerce and providing resources for the benefit of our members and the community.

Merging Traffic

​​Merging Traffic is a web-based crowdsourcing portal for capitalization; and an investment pool that primarily intends to target earlier stage companies. The Company combines the due diligence of traditional investing methods with the flexibility of an online crowdfunding platform to execute targeted fund raising and diversified fund investments.

Nonahood News

Nonahood News is a hyperlocal newspaper focused on the Lake Nona area. The parent company,, provides video production, photography, and creative services.

Nona Scientific

Nona Scientific is a Highly Complex Clinical Laboratory specializing In Toxicology, Molecular, and Serology testing. We pride ourselves on offering cutting edge technology as well as Proprietary technology that sets us apart from our competitors.

PT Genie

PT Genie is a patented, interactive and avatar-based reality PT training platform. Through a simple app on a tablet, PT GENIE provides an immediate connection between healthcare provider and patient. With PT GENIE, comfortable sensors are attached to the patient while doing their PT protocol. The sensors feed data to the system that allows the patient to receive real-time visual and sensory feedback. The patient’s provider can also review progress and provide feedback in real-time.

Validity Diagnostics

Validity Diagnostics,(VDx), founded in 2015, is a research-based medical device manufacturing company. VDx has developed break-through technologies addressing the use of adulterated urine samples by patients suffering from substance use disorders and its impact on the opioid crisis. VDx is currently expanding its manufacturing processes to meet the demands of medical laboratories. VDx is working with strategic health-care partners in State and Federal government agencies including the FDA, SAMHSA, the military, health insurers, and software developers to dramatically improve patient treatment outcomes. VDx has many patent applications for its new automated diagnostic tests and is expanding its research to meet the need for more innovation in other health care areas.

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